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I’m going to go ahead and say it.. cloth diapers are a gateway fluff. It starts out with sampling a few brands, maybe a fitted or two. Next thing you know your showing off your mama cloth to a stranger at Whole Foods, while your baby is strapped to your back in a $500 woven wrap. Yeah, that’s right. Things get crunchy fast.

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating (slightly). But, one addiction does lead to another. The latest obsession? Baby wearing. Yeah, I’ve been dabbling for years now. We had a crotch dangler for our first, before we knew better. Then a friend bought us a Sleepy Wrap. At first, I was a bit intimidated by all that fabric. But, before I knew it my husband and I were both wrapping and wearing our first-born no problem. The stretchy wrap was SO much more comfortable. Once you get the basic wrapping down, it takes no time or thought at all.

The flood gates had opened. It was only a matter of time before getting swept up in the tide of wovens, soft structured carriers (SSC), Mei Tais (MT), ring slings (RS) and, the granddaddy of them all, WRAP CONVERSIONS *dun dun dun* (my lame attempt at the scary music noise).

Like cloth diapering, there is much to know, Young Jedi. First off, all the crazy abbreviations! Rather than prints to learn, you have weaves, patterns and the like. Instead of type of diaper (AIO, fitted, pocket, AI2 etc), you have type of carrier (SSC, RS, MT, WCHB, etc). There is the sizing to learn. There are material weaves, wefts and weights. Where to buy? Groups to join? Same game, different equipment.

Well, I’m in. I’m in deep. The world of “expensive” $30 diapers seems like a small safe place, compared to $400 wrap conversions and limited edition weaves. That being said, I’m happy I’m here!

custom topa top

BUT, my favorite purchase thus far didn’t even have to break the bank! It is a Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (WCMT) from Topa Top Slings. Quality wrap conversions can cost easily cost $200, $300, $500+. Alina at Topa Top constructs beautiful, handmade Mei Tai’s and carriers at her shop in Israel. The workmanship is GORGEOUS! The best part? She has a carrier for every budget!

Topa Top Mei Tai carriers can easily adjust to fit from newborns to preschoolers. There is a pull string at the waist. This cinches in, or extends out, to create a customized seat for your little one. For fun, I’ve even carried my 27 pound toddler, and 40 pound preschooler, around in our Topa Top WCMT.

Alina takes custom orders, and is very willing to work with you until you have constructed the carrier of your dreams! Keep in mind, there is a time difference. Communications can have a day or two lag. But, this is completely understandable.

If customs aren’t your thing, then you’re in luck! Her shop is stocked with wonderful carrier combinations ripe for the pickin’. She will ship worldwide from Israel.

Out of all our carrier options, and we have quite a few these days, I grab for my Topa Top daily. I can throw my 17 week old up on my back in a minute. He falls asleep immediately, and I get some work done. Win/Win!
I really can’t say enough great things about Topa Top! Every time I wear Thrie in our WCMT, I get tons of compliments and questions. I wish I had business cards to hand out for her!

* I was neither compensated for this review, nor solicited to write it

Custom in Action

Custom in Action

Feel like shopping?
Topa Top Slings Etsy Shop
Topa Top Online Site

Some reading from two of my fave baby wearing sites:


Becoming Mamas

Comments or questions? Go for it!

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2 responses to “Fluff Junky

  1. I just got my topatop WC MT and love it! I was searching for instructions on google about adjusting the width In the seat and came across your blog. It seems self explanatory, but I like to see how other do it. Can you explain what you do to adjust it? Also, what’s your favorite “carry” with your MT? Thanks in advanced for your help! Great blog you have here!

    • Thank you! Sorry for the delayed response. There is a pull string at the bottom middle of the body panel. Pull this, then tie a knot below the toggle bead to hold that size. I love to do a high back carry with my WCMTs. I lay it out on the bed (passenger seat of the car, etc), lay baby on the body panel with his neck at the hood line, sit in front of it, lean back and tie the belt at rib level, pick up each strap, and pull both at the same time to lift baby onto my back. I like to finish with a Tibetan tie, then tie off under baby’s bum.

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