Own Your Own Senior Advising Business

Do you have a strong desire to serve seniors and their families as they consider their living situation?  Being a Senior Care Advisor creates the opportunity to impact their lives during one of the most challenging times in their lives.  Helping them find the right place to live based on their needs, financial ability and medical condition is rewarding, both financially and personally.  Owl Be There offers a proven model with strong results, and we’ll be there with you throughout your franchise journey.  The franchise partners we are looking for must be dedicated to serving seniors, of the highest moral and ethical standards, and are looking at being involved full-time running their business.

Our Success Formula

  1. Building Relationships with Key Social Workers, Case Managers and other referrers in the area
  2. Developing a broad collection of high quality facilities that meet our standards for consideration
  3. Being dedicated to seniors and their families from the first moment of contact through a successful engagement

Why Join the Owl Be There Franchise?

Do you want to affect seniors lives positively by helping them make the best living choice? The Owl Be There approach is a gamechanger and we seek people who want to make an impact on the lives of clients, their staff and themselves!  Owl Be There is innovative, unique, and is looking for people who dare to be different. Do you dream of your own company but with the assurance of a proven model so that you don’t have to make all beginner’s mistakes yourself?  Proven system, communication, planning, structure and reliability. That’s what it’s all about with Owl Be There. Curious? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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